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ANGELSPIT's AUSTRALIAN TOUR EXTENDED - krankhaus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Adelaide and Hobart are now CONFIRMED! (Unfortunately BAAL will not be joining us for these two extra dates.)
BAAL and Angelspit are very excited about the dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Friday 20.06.2008 AU-Brisbane, The Globe (+ BAAL)
220 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley : I.D. is required for entry (18+)
>> Venue Details
>> Buy Tix : The Globe, Music Mania

Saturday 21.06.2008 AU-Perth, Sin Club (+ BAAL)
45 Murray st Perth, cnr Irwin st : 10pm - late : I.D. is required for entry (18+)
>> Venue Details
>> Buy Tix

Friday 27.06.2008 AU-Melbourne, Inflation (+ BAAL)
60 King St, Melbourne : I.D. is required for entry (18+)
>> Venue Details
>> Buy Tix

Saturday 28.06.2008 AU-Sydney, The Gaelic Club (+ BAAL)
64 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills : I.D. is required for entry (18+)
>> Venue Details
>> Buy Tix

Friday 04.07.2008 AU-Adelaide, The Crown and Anchor
Please note, BAAL will not be joining us.
196 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA : I.D. is required for entry (18+)
>> Venue Details

Saturday 05.07.2008 AU-Hobart, Venue TBA
Please note, BAAL will not be joining us.
I.D. is required for entry (18+)



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All meet-ups for the Australian tour will be announced through Angelspit's newsletter shortly. Join their mailing list to get the scoop:






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[User Picture]From: photodharma
2011-11-09 05:48 pm (UTC)

photo by tony

shot last night in Hartford at the Webster.

Good show!
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